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Carpeia 15-02-2018 20:53

Planetarion - next round
Hey all,

If anyone fancy to join in on some fun again.. hit me up on TG @carpeia

Its pretty fun now, with quest system etc.


Carpeia 28-02-2018 15:17

New round starting in a couple of weeks!

Willzzz 28-02-2018 15:28


HyproN 28-02-2018 16:52


gOL 17-03-2018 15:17

I will sign up.. where you guys can I join you guys?

HyproN 18-03-2018 09:26

Hi gOL,

The round has started already, but you can contact me or Carpeia on the telegram messenger(https://telegram.org/). Username: @Hypernon, @carpeia

Ninja 03-05-2018 22:16

lol good luck. And hello gOL :)

Dinoman 17-02-2019 18:27

Hey... I am playing... currently Carpeia is beating me... But we are winning with ally and I am going to get above Carpeia before round finish... If any cunts want back in, for next round... then say Hi to carpeia and me...

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