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ramp 24-08-2013 20:37

Isn't spinner remaking some new web game now ? ;)

^sFw^ 02-09-2013 14:25


Def2K 28-09-2013 22:23

Feeling old.

Ogami 29-09-2013 00:05

I feel old aswell :(

but then I get to see all you old f*ckers and then I feel like a child again :-D

Horus 29-09-2013 14:01


Originally Posted by ramp (Post 326964)
Isn't spinner remaking some new web game now ? ;)

i want to Play it

Sandsnake 01-10-2013 19:14

That's one hell of a necropost. It also makes me sad and nostalgic. I suddenly miss wasting vast amounts of time in SWG and WoW with you fkers. PA, not so much. I still owe some of you for knocking me out of the top 25. :(

Jonka 04-10-2013 14:31

So, is eric still around?

mithrax 18-10-2013 16:50

You all suq :(

Bociwen 20-10-2013 02:10

I love you Mith, hug meeeeee

Sabre 21-10-2013 09:41

Where's the drama?

Iminay 28-09-2014 18:01


Florisha 29-09-2014 19:52

Iminay and that damn thread necromancy.

Iminay 29-09-2014 21:09


Originally Posted by Florisha (Post 328301)
Iminay and that damn thread necromancy.

shhhhst it's all going to be ok

montie 29-09-2014 21:50


Saaur 25-10-2014 19:00

I wonder if anyone even remembers this old dude.... Still wearing VtS tags in each game I play :-)

Gatewayy 30-12-2014 14:01

It is indeed a shame Minty. :(

Mistydee 06-04-2015 02:34

Hi everyone, great to see all the old names coming up. Game on :)

Icewolf 28-04-2015 18:59

This post is still around? damn, that's some gaming history just in this thread - back in 2005 it was still WoW time :-D

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