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/me fluffles BiggDogg
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I just love Battleships

Jumpgate Probe on 7:8:11 in tick 1071
Origin Mission Fleet ETA Fleetsize
6:7:1 (Zik) Attack Bonny 1 10600
1:7:6 (Zik) Attack Clyde 1 11329

There is a lot to tell but then again I should not tell so much.
Last week of the game and its all or notthing. !

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Rainbows claims to be an alliance who does not form blocks and does not p-target. They raid galaxys.
Amazingly one day I woke up to find 3 waves of rainbows on me...just me..nobody else in the galaxy had rainbows inc.
Our only Rainbow member Deras claimed it was because they raided 2 galaxys but because of the many friendlies in there they needed one more target and picked me. So far for no p-targetting then. This happened a few times to P3n members .So P3n decided to hit Rainbows. It took one night. I believe one Rainbos HC stepped down and Rainbows round was over.

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And we won! :)
Every man dies, not everyone really lives.
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/me fluffles BiggDogg
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So round 59 has ended. P3nguins won the alliance rankings. In a very convincing way I may add.It has been exciting untill the last week. We knew Ultprime had a lot of resources stockpiled and we scanned them all and calculated how much score it could be. We also realised there were some players with high scores not tagged (i.e counting towards any alliance score). If an alliance would kick a low score planet (inactive or scanner last day or so) and add the top 10 guy without alliance it would add a considerable amount of score. I think Munkee calculated we had to be ahead of the competition about 20m before entering the final week. We expected massive incoming but we also attacked as heroes, and we eventually won with very clear numbers!

The aims for this round before starting was top get top 3 planets and possibly a galaxy win. Already quite early in the round it was clear galaxy 2.2 would win. They not only had some HC of various alliances in there, but also the bp of elviz and pommeh and some other freaks. Considering the politics I suspect at some point it was an unwritten agreement going on….2.2 gets galwin, we get allie win. Lets not hurt each other too much. However this agreement was damaged at some point because there is always players who think the universe is all about them and the 59 other people in the alliance are only there to serve and protect him. (HELLO VEGETA)
I think P3nguins played an excellent round. We adjusted our goals while playing and i have to say Munkee did an excellent job in politics. You may be an arrogant *&^% but damn Munkee, you are good.

What was very amusing was all the whining and nagging on PA forums last week. Indeed, notthing changed there either. If you loose, you whine and make up a million excuses and reasons why its not your fault you lost, but our fault. We NAPped too much, the XP round sucks, too many xan...nobody can be trusted, we have too many friends, and the best one...'we didnot play this round"....But you can blame stats, XP or NAPs all you want..in the end we all play by the same rules and with the same shippies and..


Take a look at the attacking and defending numbers and the incoming and then again dare say we napped half the universe and had it easy! BULLSHIT !!
Dear HC off every other fking alliance....... We rock.
We were better. And we will win next round also!

I felt sorry for the xan-guys for not getting more alliance support in the last week. I am not sure if we could have given what was needed and still hold the alliance ranking, but i did have the feeling the alliance was devided about that. I tried to step up a few times and cut down the totally stupid defence on very average planets with lousy roidcount to make the fleets do more useful work for the alliance and help where it actually would matter. But somehow there is always other players who disagree on that , maybe for their own benefit, or maybe because they are unable to see a bigger picture. And maybe i was wrong in thinking the way I did.
I think that was the only disappointing thing this round, not being able to motivate 59 others to set aside their own urge to end #23 instead of #26 in the benefit of Plaguuu, who came second last round and again this round. Also Spor, Animaru and Reapersix ended top 10. I feel there was more to gain. Plaguuu should have had an alliance backing him up after it was clear we won as alliance.

19:35 p3negram plaguuu@attack - Fc im hoping
19:36 p3negram joopster@attack - Problem is we need many more fleets on 2:2 first
19:41 p3negram plaguuu@attack - We should have a entire alliance
19:41 p3negram joopster@attack - I know, but many people want to land aswell
19:41 p3negram joopster@attack -
19:43 p3negram sebace@attack - Not everyone is interested in your win plaguuu
19:43 p3negram sebace@attack - Some people want to finish as high as they can

19:56 p3negram sigrid@attack - ok so joopster, you arrange the fc?
19:57 p3negram sigrid@attack - since you are a magician with getting fleets
19:57 p3negram joopster@attack - Im not
19:57 p3negram sigrid@attack - i dont want to know tomorrow at 20.oo he could have won but we were unloyal
19:57 p3negram joopster@attack - This is the wrong group for me
19:57 p3negram sigrid@attack - its a 60 ppl alliance.

P3nguins tries to be self-regulating. That is a beautiful thing. You can set up your ideas in .prop and have ppl vote on it. But on things that need to be discussed or on things that need immediate action its not working. Even if a player steps up you will find others player who think its not in their personal benefit or who have hidden agendas or another reason to try stop it. If ppl are too divided they still wait for a HC to step in and speak.....
But don't get me wrong.....it is a great alliance and i have a really really good time here. It feels like home to me and again the open way of running it is quite nice. Excellent job Wilzzz, Munkee, M0, Sera and Tolky

Now this is all my opinion and the way i have experienced it. It may not be the right way to look at things at all. In all honesty, I have a wonderfull time and I Would not change a thing if we played the round again (apart from crashing my co-fleet).

I am definately going to play round 60. Its an anniversary, and i hope to play it better then this round. Took quite a bit to get the hang of it again. I hope to have a nice BP so I wont go random anymore. I have learned how to play PA again and damn, its nice. I can only recommend you come and have a look, maybe sign up for the free winterround ...and play round 60 with us. For old time sake!!!

11:46 sigrid ramp: ...did you fuck up LT?
11:47 sigrid yeah yu did you terrible n00b
11:47 ramp looks like it
11:47 sigrid so gonna spam this on legion forums
11:47 ramp
11:47 sigrid hahahahahahahaha
11:47 sigrid ahh land with me
11:47 sigrid i dont care
11:47 ramp its due to this stupid stupid launc h interface

to be continued


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Shoot me
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fascinating with so few people playing they still care about top 100

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The excessively big font is hard to digest on my phone -_-

Anyway, congratulations on the win. Well deserved as an alliance. We actually crashed quite big on the final 2-3 hours. I was given permission to arrange the final TP - as I had done for that entire week - and I was given special permission to break any of the 3 NAP's we had if I saw fit - of p3nguins, Black Flag and Rainbows (considering we warred Rainbows half the round then they wanted a NAP = lol).

I decided not to break the NAP with p3nguins or BF as both of you have proved to be good to us this round and you haven't backstabbed us this round = <3

So for the final TP, I decided we should raid 2:2 with Norton Airlines (just think of it as a large BG that ALWAYS lands) and then pick the t5 planets in Inferno as a whole (I inlcuded Pommeh in 2:2's raid because he narrowly beat me in r3 and was on my shitlist), t5 in Conspiracy and t5 in ROCK and a few in t10. The reason for being so: we couldn't win as our decision to be valued based this round lost out (with all due respect) to XP whores.

I thought who gives a shit about #2 spot? So I told everyone to 3 fleet and not to defend at all (a few ppl didn't listen as they wanted to hold onto their precious roids not realising they had more to gain with the targets I put up than they would lose) and also not to care if they crash - so don't bother JGP'ing :D several people crashed in spectacular fashion that lost us #2 spot and we lost several thousand roids - but did we care or emo? NO :D

Whilst I should have joined p3nguins this round, the Apprime core of ULTPRIME is my core family after I retired from PA after r7 and returned r53. The next round, R54, we won PA in spectacular fashion and I haven't looked back - which included your Jintao who came #2 for us just behind agar3s. We're a crazy bunch of mofo's and we don't care as much about defence and most people got great amounts of sleep this round - something I can say most alliances can't say they had as a whole.

Next round is going to be my last round (at least for a while). I've told Assman I'm interested to finally play with you lot but he told me there's a big list. So we'll watch this space. agar3s has told me Ultores is coming back as a whole unit so may end up joining them.

To summarise, congratulations p3nguins :-) for being good to us, we let you take that top spot - otherwise we could have caused an upset ;)
PA - R3 - Legion - #32/100k+ players

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/me fluffles BiggDogg
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Oi Androme..
It was a pleasure meeting you in #legion and visiting your caves with Jintao.
Epic epic crash last day on 2.2...it surely pissed them off a bit! GO NORTON!

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/me fluffles BiggDogg
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[Didn't think i'd ever play in a galaxy with this banner again....but I do.

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sigrid where u hiding now ?


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I did actually enjoy reading this log

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