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Ingame mails to have a laugh
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Ingame mails to have a laugh

Now there is this alliance called The Fockers....and they send out mails before you get attacked. They usually attack you after you attacked them or organised defence or a FC on them....weird guys,, remind me of LDK. This mail was received by a DC after a FC. :

Hello the friend. The opinion took part in an ineffective sufficient hostile action after that of our planets of the hug. This is very disadvantage and she have a card of earned lottery. The probability that am with this that to be able on Saturday received she two. For it heats Egards.

this mail another member got:

THE FOCKERS Refined men greets Thu, 20 Nov 19:25:48 Reply Report Delete
Oh are the pingu´ns so happy! thanks to affirm of ReaperSix us of new P3n's the happy ticket again were chosen!We will not take will stop your first planets & this amusement!

THE FOCKERS This day of assault Wed, 19 Nov 20:25:53 Reply Report Delete
Congratulations to friends-penguins Reapersix in the United States, 50 times : it allows at any time to win milk the lottery!

Sera replied as follows:

Hello refinemen
wink wink wink
I are happy happy sera from happy penguin and I happy we make you so happy!!, sometimes it wery boring in north of south pole but yuor aeroplane comapny alliance make us happy so we hope you happy as well!
Us happy penguins (you friends call us pennies!! okay? Is aweLOTS!!) build wery little altar to flying plane maker company fokker okay? you happy too yes! we like to fly! But wings of pennies is too small so we need aroplane yes!
we lowe you okay baiii

well, it made me laugh very loud for a bit... feel free to post your fun, angry, emo or weird mails HERE for a grin.

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Lol they use google translate btw ;) English isn't their first language. I've got a guy in gal who's part of them and has told me everything. Funny group of players.

I think the best PA Mail I've received in the last few rounds is as follows:

Hello and welcome to my galaxy. I am your Benevolent Dictator, I bestow glory and property upon you all as you loyally serve me. While my benevolence is known far and wide so is the iron fist I can wield to crush any rebellion or actions that do not conform within my empire.
You will act as the figurehead for my dictatorship, I expect you to handle the day to day operations of the galaxy as well as ensuring that my rules are followed.

My rules are simple, but I expect them to be followed to the letter, remember Obedience brings Glory.

1: 10% of your daily income will be either donated to the galaxy fund to be donated to me as tribute, or you may choose to crash 10% of your fleet on a weekly basis. This is to remind you daily of your loyalty to me and how your servitude and sacrifice brings glory to us all.

2: Prior to any fleet being set to launch it must be cleared by our MoW. He will be available 24/7 by phone to give permission and track fleet activity. Once daily he will report all activity to me for my review.

3: In case infidels dare to attack us, all fleets will be grounded in order to defend your Benevolent Dictator. Once my defense is secured some may be made available for you.

4: Every morning a bowl of assorted fruits will be awaiting me when I wake, the duty for who provides that will be on a rotating basis, starting with #2 tomorrow morning.

5: Once a week as a show of loyalty and devotion to me, your Benevolent Dictator, you will put your fleets at my command for a mission to demonstrate the GLORY of my galaxy to the universe.

6: When nubile young women are feeding me peeled grapes and fanning me with palm leaves I AM NOT TO BE DISTURBED.

Remember, always be prepared to demonstrate your loyalty, and OBEDIENCE BRINGS GLORY.


This was then followed up by this message lol:

I'm afraid you are not complying with the rules I have set forth to my galaxy. You are however missing many options, the first of which is as my loyal subjects your pledge your allegiance to me and enjoy the glory I bring to you as the most beloved and benevolent of dictators.

Remember, always be prepared to demonstrate your loyalty, and OBEDIENCE BRINGS GLORY.

Your choice is as follows:

1) Join with me, serve as the figurehead of my dictatorship and leave this galaxy as a shining example to all those who would follow the Benevolent Dictator.

2) Exile yourself and be left in the cold darkness, never knowing the joy you could have had and the light that would fill you once you accept the glory I bring to wherever I go

Just remember, obedience brings victory!

Issue pointless threats putting yourself formally into a state of rebellion and incurring the wrath of my iron fists of control.
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/me fluffles BiggDogg
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hahahahahaqha...did you stay:P?

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